Those who have the ability to transform the country's economic landscape have the responsibility to transform the countries economic landscape

We bring together all the relevant partners and stakeholders to help entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. BizFactorySA is made up of exceptional, young, qualified, and passionate individuals who have first-hand experience in the challenges faced by start-ups and growers. We’ve got a suite of services to cater to your day-to-day business needs so that you can concentrate on being amazing at what you do.


BizFactorySA was established in 2016 as a 100% black owned and operated independent enterprise development agency. The company exists to foster the sustainability and growth of the SME sector, driving job creation, alleviating unemployment and nurturing the country’s entrepreneurial spirit.

We promote an environment that is conducive to emerging businesses and a culture of cooperation and support among emerging entrepreneurs. The company is founded on the principle that our existence must significantly improve the socio-economic state of the communities we serve as well as that of South African people at large.

We measure our success on the solid performance of our clients, stakeholder, and partners, and more so, our impact on the broader society and the growth opportunities we provide our people.

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Sondela nganeno skhokho

At BizFactroySA, We know that in order to eradicate poverty and inequality in South Africa, we need to enable sustainable development and success of SMEs. Our one-stop enterprise development model integrates multiple economic development and development funding agencies to produce successful ESD programmes.
We are in the process of developing national footprint of co-working spaces. In addition to housing small enterprises, these co-working spaces well serve as a base of our programmes.


Skawara Boss

BizFactorySA is an administrative hub made up of exceptional, young, qualified, and passionate individuals who have first hand experience in the challenges faced by young historically disadvantaged persons in business.


In February 2015, Tukela Zumani was poached by his then client, Improvate Group of Companies to head their Enterprise Development Division. We have since grow in stench and in footprint